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LCCM Predictions 2050:

Reference: Land cover change in the Seattle metropolitan region: An examination of spatio-temporal patterns and carbon consequences. Landscape and Urban Planning 103: 83-93.

Metadata: Matt Marsik and Marina Alberti. April 2010. Land Cover Change Model for Central Puget Sound: Land Change Predictions to 2050. Report prepared for Weyerhaeuser as part of the Puget Sound Development and Climate Change Project. Urban Ecology Research Laboratory. Department of Urban Design and Planning. University of Washington

Land Cover

Central Puget Sound 1986, 1991, 1995, 2002, 2005
Funding: NSF Biocomplexity
Researchers: Marina Alberti, Robin Weeks, Stefan Coe
Reference: Alberti, M., Weeks, R., and S. Coe. 2004. Urban Land Cover Change Analysis in Central Puget Sound. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 70(9):1043-1052.
Citation: NSF Biocomplexity II Grant. 2005-2009. Urban Landscape Patterns: Complex Dynamics and Emergent Properties. Dr. Marina Alberti, Principal Investigator

Puget Sound 2002 and Central Puget Sound 2007

Metadata: Urban Ecology Research Laboratory. May 2009. 2007 Land-cover Classification and Accuracy Assessment of the Greater Puget Sound Region. Department of Urban Design and Planning. University of Washington

Funding: PRISM
Researchers: Marina Alberti, Robin, Weeks, Camille Coburn, Stefan Coe
Reference: Alberti, M., Weeks, R., Russell, C., and S. Coe. 2002. Landcover Characterization and Processing Analysis for Puget Sound. Urban Ecology Research Laboratory, University of Washington. Seattle, Washington. NSF Report.
Citation: Central Puget Sound 2007 Land Cover Classification. Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM). University of Washington.

Metadata: Alberti, Marina (PI), Robin Weeks(co-PI), Jeff Hepinstall (co-PI). Camille Russell, Stefan Coe and Bill Gustafson. June 2004. PUGET SOUND REGIONAL SYNTHSIS MODEL. 2002 Land-cover Analysis of the Greater Puget Sound Region. Urban Ecology Research Laboratory. Department of Urban Design and Planning. University of Washington

Land Cover Metrics

Researchers: Marina Alberti, Yan JiangJeff Hepinstall-Cymerman

Landscape Signature
Reference: Alberti, Marina. 2008. Advances in Urban Ecology: Integrating Humans and Ecological Processes in Urban Ecosystems. Springer-Verlag

BIBI 46 Basins, Puget Sound Lowlands

Funding: NSF, Biocomplexity

References: Alberti et al.2007. BioComplexity Final Report. Modeling Interactions Among Urban Development, Land-Cover Change and Bird Diversity

Carbon Stocks

Funding: Bullitt Fundation
Researchers: Marina Alberti, Lucy Hutyra, Brian Yoon
Reference: Hutyra, L.R., Yoon, B., and M. Alberti. 2011. Terrestrial carbon stocks across a gradient of urbanization: A study of the Seattle, WA region. Global Change Biology. 17 (2): 783 – 787.

Metadata: B. Yoon, Summer 2009. Carbon Stock Project Metadata

Patterns of Wastewater Infrastructure across a Metropolitan Coastal Region

Abstract and Data Description

Researchers: Daniele Spirandelli

Urban Trees Survey

Researchers: Karis Tenneson

Oregon White Oak Across an Urban Gradient

Researchers: Julia Michalak

References: Michalak, J. 2011. Effects of Habitat and Landscape Structure on Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) Regeneration Across an Urban Gradient. Northwest Science 85:182-193.

Impervious Surface from Lidar

Researchers: Yan Jiang

Real Estate Value

ResearchersYan Jiang