2010 Updates

Matteo Alberti, now 3, has traveled with his mother to Massachusetts and California during her sabbatical.

November 2010: The Conceptual Model Workshop for the “Scenarios for Snohomish Basin 2060” project was held at the Washington Park Arboretum. Thirty Science Team members participated in a lively discussion of the Basin’s future. To read more about the workshop, click here.

November 2010: Libby Larson, UERL Lab Manager / Research Scientist, successfully defended her dissertation “Water and Nitrogen in Designed Ecosystems: Biogeochemical and Economic Conequences” on November 10th. Congratulations Dr. Larson!

October 2010: Tracy Fuentes, UERL graduate student, was awarded the prestigious 2010 Bullitt Environmental Fellowship. Her doctoral research will explore how land use and land use changes affect plants at the local, watershed, and regional scales. Congratulations Tracy!

August 2010: Congratulations to Dr. Ahmed Al-Noubani of the UERL, who successfully defended his dissertation “Dynamics of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change: The Case of the Palestinian West Bank” on August 18, 2010.

June 2010: Matt Marsik, UERL Postdoctoral Research Associate, has taken a position at the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center in the Conservation Biology Division. Although Matt will be sorely missed, we congratulate him on his new position.

June 2010: The UERL has hired Elisabeth (Libby) Larson, ABD, to replace Dr. Lucy Hutyra as UERL Lab Manager / Research Scientist. Libby is a graduate student at Arizona State University, working withDr. Nancy Grimm, and a fellow in ASU’s IGERT in Urban Ecology. Welcome Libby!

February 2010: Congratulations to UERL lab member Julia Michalak for successfully passing her general exams!

January 2010: The UERL recieved a two-year grant from the Bullitt Foundation to develop scenarios for the Snohomish Basin. The project will serve as a practicum for students in Marina Alberti and Michal Russo’s Advanced Environmental Planning class.